Bless God, Be the Blessing.

Giving to the Lord through your local church is one of the most sincere acts of worship one can do.
The reason for this is that worship is the act of honoring God with our lives. When we give, we are actually giving of our living to our Lord. That is to say that you are taking a portion of what you earn for a living and joyfully giving it to the Lord. This offering, this gift, pleases the Lord. It Blesses the Lord. 
At Emmanuel there are a number of ways that people chose to worship through giving.
They include the offering time on Sunday Morning, the offering boxes in the back of the sanctuary at other times, or adding Emmanuel as a payee with the bill pay feature with your local banks (several people have taken advantage of this and have been a rich blessing to our church with consistent deliberate giving), and now, a secure electronic alternative.
*Choosing the electronic option below with a credit or debit card will include a 3% fee of your offering. An example of this would be an offering of $10.00 would be charged 30 cents.