Mom and Child Web BannerSingle motherhood is a tough road.  It isn’t without it’s rewards however.  The thing is, even though there are some wonderful blessings along the way, this road can be a very lonely road.  It can be daunting and dark at times.  Trying to hold everything together for the kids is something that every parent faces from time to time.  But what happens when you are the only parent?  Where do you turn when you are at your wits end?  Who do you lean on?  This where OASIS comes in.  OASIS is a support group for single moms.  Whether you are a young woman who has never had a partner or if you have gone through the pain of divorce and find yourself in a situation you never imagined could happen to you, OASIS is for you.  Whether we have babies or teens or every age in between, we all need help learning how to juggle it all.

We want to empower you to go forward with hope and a lighter heart.  To do this we will provide you with practical tools to help you find your way through the maze of single motherhood.  You don’t have to go it alone any more.  OASIS a refreshing place in a weary race.