What’s in Your Tool-Belt?

As I experience spiritual growth, I realize that my tool belt has not been outfitted with the tools I need.  Sure I may have had an good selection of tools, but upon closer examination, I see that some of these tools are the “Fisher Price” kind. Flashy and colorful, made for entertaining and appeasing a child’s mind, or distracting their attention.  But not very useful for real life.  Some may have been the real deal; a shiny chrome finish, the right look and feel, but they were made with weak material.  When used under stress, they give way, bending or completely failing.

I am encouraged to hear about the upcoming series “The God questions”.  I’m sure that anyone that’s had a spiritual conversation of any depth has gone through the dreaded moment when the only answer you have is “I don’t know”, or some other less than brilliant reply.  Worse yet is to regurgitate a canned answer, one that can’t be reasoned out, and fails miserably to the simple “why?” cross-examination.  I don’t like experiencing those times when having a discussion, and realizing the tools are failing right before my eyes.  This is perhaps the most glaring obstacle to engaging in conversation with those that need to hear the message the most.

The media has dropped one-liners into the laps of confused people, arming them with the very stumbling blocks we are unprepared to disassemble.  Our tool belt is unequipped to breakdown the latest obstacles.   We have our basic set of tools, the crescent wrench, the philips screwdriver, maybe even a box end wrench.  But each year there are new tools needed; Torx, offset screwdrivers, ball point hex.

I would like to encourage our men to check the contents of their tool-belt. Examine each tool, check its “made in” label, if you can’t find the origin, either get rid of that tool or find out where it came from.  Trade up the tools we used as children for ones made for the hard work.  After all, there’s no cost, free.  There is no risk of patent infringement either.

My advise to myself and others;

  • Take notes.
  • Research your own questions.
  • Ask questions.
  • Dare to be a little ADD while studying.
  • Take more notes.