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A Welcome for the Wounded

At Emmanuel you will find a welcome for the wounded.  For those that are hurting from their own failings or for those that have been hurt by the failings of others we offer relief.  For those thirsting for forgiveness we offer the well for the wounded; Christ Himself.  In John 4 we see a beautiful moment with the savior and a lost sinner.  The savior gently prods the wound of the woman… he sees into her heart and past the bitterness that has enveloped her.  He looks past her attempt at religion and cuts away the infection.  In this conversation we learn that the woman was a sexually promiscuous person, with five partners.  This only matters to Jesus because without her acknowledgment of her sin He couldn’t heal her hurting heart.  As she listens to Him she begins to see something is very different about Him.  Instead of turning back to the muddied waters of the well of the wickedness, Jesus offers her a drink from the crystal clear waters of the well of wonder.  HE OFFERS HER HOPE.  HEALING.  HELP.  He doesn’t condemn her, she already knows the loss and pain that she has heaped upon herself.  HE RELIEVES HER OF IT.

This is my dream for Emmanuel, that we would become like our savior, pointing to the wonder at the well.

My heart aches over how much hurt there is in the world today.  I am also especially moved by those that have been hurt by churches that have followed man-made rules and seemed to have forgotten the mercy and grace of God.  Too many of us so called Christians have lost the compassion that Jesus has for the hurting among us.  We have lost sight of the heart of God and have focused on the Law instead.  So many of us have lost the meaning of what it means to walk a mile in another man’s shoes.  We have become judgmental and have begun to use our own standards by which to judge one another.

This is so sad, because although the church has authority and needs to be careful to maintain purity and such, we forget that we need to to teach and train and heal.  We need to remember that Jesus’ death on the Cross was sufficient for all that will come unto him.  It is His blood that cleanses from sin and not our own blood.  It is Christ that paid for our sins and not we ourselves.

So if you are looking for a church of regular people with an amazing God you have found the right place, come on out and drink from the well.