Being the Gift of God

Hello Emmanuel!

I’d like to share a burden with you. My burden is for a revival. A personal, life changing, revival for me and you. Would you join me in praying for this? We need the heart of God to beat in our chests.

This past Sunday we entered week 2 of “The Gift of God”. As I was preaching I was so convicted with the idea of being the second greatest gift of God to the world and what that means. I have been considering the Macedonian Believers that we read about during this week’s service. As I mentioned Sunday morning; could you imagine if we all lived like Macedonians? They gave themselves to the Lord first. I wondered then as I do now, what would it look like if we at Emmanuel developed that same heart for God that these believers had. I don’t think that this is something that happens overnight. It is a shifting of our worldview and a tackling of our complacency; it takes time and effort to shed ourselves of ourselves. This is not better illustrated anywhere than in Colossians chapter 3 where we are told to set our affections on things above and to mortify the deeds of the flesh. The Macedonian believers gave themselves to the Lord FIRST and then to others… they set their sights on God and then because of that the naturally or supernaturally turned toward OTHERS.
What does it look like to give yourself to God? What our lives would be like? How would our community be impacted? It all starts with a heart for God Himself. How would you begin to give yourself to the Lord and then to others? What are some practical steps that you would take? What would you change today if you could change just one thing to bring you closer to the Lord? What would it look like if we gave ourselves to others? I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on what these things would look like.

Bless God ∙ Bless Others ∙ Be the Blessing!

Pastor Davis