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Adult Bible Life Circles are the form that Emmanuel’s Small Bible Study Groups have taken. They revolve around six week studies, but can be joined at any time.  Each circle consists of a leader and two to fifteen others. It is our hope that in these smaller settings that each member and attender of Emmanuel will have the opportunity to learn of Jesus and walk with him in a more meaningful way and to invest in others. Hit the graphic below to find out more information on all of our Circle opportunities, from children to adults! 

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What are Bible Life Circles? Bible Life Circles are small groups of adults (between 5-15) coming together weekly at Emmanuel.
Why Bible Life Circles? The mission of Emmanuel is to raise up a church that is “as He is in this world”. This ministry is our mission put into action. We are having small groups because they will provide a place to build relationships that will foster care for one another and will also challenge one another.
When do Bible Circles meet?  They meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am or evenings during the 6:00 pm and at other times during the week for discipleship, fellowship, prayer, and the study of the Bible.
How long will the Circle meet for? Generally for an hour per session and we will be having six week studies at a time. At the end of the study, each member may evaluate their place and either stay with their circle or move onto another one.
When may I join a Circle? If you haven’t already registered for a Circle, you may jump in at anytime. You will receive the previous student guides to catch you up.
How do I join a Circle? You may register above with the circles still available, or sign up in the lobby after any service.
What about my Children? During the Sunday morning 9:30 hour there is childcare available for 0-4yr olds and circles for kindergarten through teens. During the Sunday evening 6:00 hour, there is childcare available for 0-4 years old.
What if I am uncomfortable with a small group? We will still be having a lecture style Sunday morning 9:30 class open to all.