Prayer and Praise 9.23.15

Cindy: Joshua and Isaiah

Judy: Father surgery

Rick Desrochers – family (pastor)

Barbara: tomorrow 7am – pastor’s wife Stefanie – cancer surgery

 Cliff: prayers for Dees – health issues.  Praise for mother cancer free

Heather: McKenzie & Lockland & their dad and personal decisions

Donna: families and marriages in this church and being disciples to each other

Sasha: Health for Mark, and for herself – dizziness & unspoken. Praise – MRI good results – stable

Penny: her former pastor’s wife battling brain tumor – now growing again after being in remission Tammy Jones               

Tim Silva: Praise for life circles – someone who helped with Marsha’s flat tire

Jen Stringer: Robert & work decisions and parenting class


Pray for Zach continued discipleship

Angel: Praise – 27 kids at youth group last week