Kingdom Culture!

Hello Emmanuel!

I hope that you are finding your week going well. This past week we challenged the concept of Eternity being simply a thing of the future, with the (Biblical) idea that it is already/not yet.  The KINGDOM of God is both here now and is being realized with each new soul that comes to Jesus for salvation.  

We considered the doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints, explaining that those that are in the hands of Jesus are eternally secure.  When looking at it from Jesus’ perspective, it becomes ludicrous to believe that anything can prevent Him from keeping that which He has redeemed! We are in His hand. There is no power on heaven or earth or under the earth that can loosen His grip! I hope that you will ponder on this amazing grace and what it means for you. You are… you are His child, you are his citizen, you are under His protection… you are. You are. As a child of GOD eternity is NOW. Yes, we must wait for our flesh and blood to be redeemed as our soul and spirit are, but truly our new life has already begun.  

I hope you will be joining me this Sunday as we face the challenge of being the Kingdom Culture now. The message on Sunday is the culmination of the last five and half years of ministry together. From Red Letter Christians to Learning and Living the Life of Jesus, it’s time to act and move away from the past and embrace the NOW. I’m really looking forward to bringing this message on Sunday!

Bless God ∙ Bless Others ∙ Be the Blessing!