Speaking with the Struggling

Hi there Church Family,

It was a privilege to preach part three of “The Trouble with Trials” this past Sunday on “Speaking to the Struggling”. I hope that you were blessed and equipped to walk with someone that you may know is struggling. A friend of mine once said when dealing with those that are hurting…

  • Don’t moralize.
  • Don’t minimize.
  • Don’t spiritualize.
  • Just empathize.

I thought this was such a great summation of what we were talking about yesterday that I just had to share.

We are still working out the kinks on our livestream (yes we know the audio is out of sync), but we are very encouraged by the response which has seen a great increase in traffic to our official Emmanuel Baptist Church YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/EmmanuelHooksett. We had many out sick this week and some away that were able to stream the message to their homes and we even had some viewers as far away as Qatar!

I would also like to take this time to encourage you to fill out our membership update request sheet. Obviously if you are getting this email, we have a working email for you, but is it the best one for us to use? If not,  this is a great time to help us improve our communication with you the church body. Thank you again for being a part of what God is doing at Emmanuel!

We are hoping to have a few rooms downstairs ready for use by this Sunday morning. Having a space for our younger members and guests is essential and so we will be using these rooms for them first. Keep praying that our insurance company acts quickly in their assessment of the damage and willingness to cover it sufficiently.

If you haven’t downloaded our church app now is the time to do that as well! If you set it for push notifications, you will be notified when our audio sermons are ready, you’ll get updates when our blog or newsletter is updated as well. Sharefaith, the provider of our app, enhances it every third Wednesday of the month, the Apple or Google pass that update onto us. If there are features or fixes you would like to see, drop me a line and I’ll pass it on to them. Just search for Emmanuel Baptist Church.


Bless God ● Bless Others ● Be the Blessing!


Pastor Eric P Davis

14 Mammoth Rd
Hooksett, NH, 03106
(603) 668-6473