The Gift of God

What an awesome thing to be a part of witnessing the salvation and baptism of those that came forward to declare Jesus is their savior through baptism! Thank you for being a part of it. We welcome to membership over last four months Melissa, Brandie, Wendy, Mark, Dean, Heidi, Quinn, Brett, Sandi, Dennis, Cliff, Karen and Kyle!

This past Sunday we began a series entitled The Gift of God. That first sermon naturally turned to the gift of Jesus to His own broken creation. There are so many other gifts that God has given to His creation that we just couldn’t get to them in one service. He gave us the gift of life, and the ability to think, and feel, and to state it simply, to ‘be’. He gave us the gift of the earth, which contrary to many opinions will last just long enough for His plan to be fulfilled and then will be judged and changed, with the curse finally removed once and for all! He has given us the hope of an eternity of exploration and learning and service to him and to one another. Let me challenge you today to thank the Lord for His marvelous gifts, they are truly without number!

Bless God ∙ Bless Others ∙ Be the Blessing!