Worship with Your Living

Worship.  Is worship more than a song and singing?

A few weeks ago we observed Jacob’s act of worship through his vow to give back to God the tenth of all that God would bless him with. This was first-fruits giving as later described in the book of Proverbs. To unpack this idea and example from Jacob’s life, we need to understand what he was really getting at. What Jacob taught us in this bold vow to the Lord (which came before the command to give or to tithe) was that he understood where his goods and living were to come from. As believers, we should come to the place where our understanding of eternity deepens. Eternity begins NOW. We are a part of the Kindgom NOW. In Jacob’s life, he expressed the belief that God was going to bless him and so vowed to bless God back; to worship God by giving back to God the tenth off the top, just as God prospered him.

The last sermon in The Gift of God series was wrapped around the reality that God’s greatest gift was Jesus, and through Him we are the second greatest gift to the world. What does being that gift look like? It looks a lot like generosity. Giving of ourselves to the Lord and then to one another.  The really great thing about this, is that when we are giving ourselves to the Lord in worship through giving of our living, we are not only being used to advance His kingdom, we are actively being a part of it. Consider this. When we give to and through our local church, we are expressing love for the local body of Christ in a tangible way. In a way that promotes sound Bible teaching and missions, that provides the means to meet together in a visible place, a place that the world can easily recognize and find. When we cooperate with one another in our giving through and to our local church we declare with our faith that this is the body which Christ has knit me into and I love my church!

This is the importance of giving. It expresses worship and advances the Kingdom of God. I would like to challenge you to worship the Lord with your first-fruits. Whether you are ready to give ten percent or one percent, make it the first percent, and prioritize God in your financial life. Be the blessing to the Lord and to others by worshipping him with your life and supporting His church and her mission.